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Queen Bee writes...

Why don't I appear in more episodes? I am drop dead gorgeous. I have the sexiest/most bad ass voice of all women, and I could bring all of the male heroes to their knees (or am I assuming too much?). I should rule the entire Eath-16, not just some dusty wasteland. You are hereby enthralled to place me as the rightful star of you show.

Greg responds...

Doesn't work long distance.

But seriously, this raises an issue that's relevant for literally every character in the series, I'd warrant. No matter how much screen time we devote to any single character, there will be someone out there who wants more. And no matter how little screen time we devote to any one character, there will be someone out there who wants less. There's just no way we can give every character as much screen time as we'd like - let alone as much as every single fan would like. It's just not possible. So, particularly in Season Two, story is dictating screen time. You may not care for our decisions, but they weren't made thoughtlessly.

Response recorded on March 05, 2013