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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg! I just want to say that I love the show and tie-in comics, and that I really can't wait to learn more about several things, like Impulse's past.

1) The design on Impulse's costume kind of looks like Blue Beetle's armor in some ways (the patch under the neck, the little notches). Was this a coincidence, or related to Impulse's past?

2) Have there been any attempts to enroll Bart in middle or high school? (I wouldn't know if any potential schools would have a grade system like Gotham Academy or the traditional 9-12 being high school system, which is why I'm saying either)

3) Is Impulse literate?

Greg responds...

1. I haven't noticed any significant similarities, but maybe you should ask Phil Bourassa.

2. Yes, Bart is enrolled in school in Central City.

3. Yes.

Response recorded on March 12, 2013