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Foxwolf writes...

Hi Greg. I was wondering if you could provide the voice credits for the following minor characters from Season 2 thus far?

S02E01: Happy New Year
- NYC Police Officer (who tries to stop Lobo)

S02E02: Earthlings
- Rannian Science Patroller #1
- Rannian Science Patroller #2

S02E03: Alienated
- Hall Of Justice Tourist
- Manta Sectors 1, 2 and 4

S02E04: Salvage
- Arlington Nuclear Power Plant Security Guard #1 (male)
- Arlington Nuclear Power Plant Security Guard #2 (female)

S02E05: Beneath
- El Paso Bus Depot Clerk

S02E06: Bloodlines
- Central City Police Captain

S02E07: Depths
- Manta Trooper

S02E10: Before The Dawn
- Reach Captive #1 (male with long hair wearing cap and red shirt)
- Reach Captive #2 (blonde male wearing beanie and white shirt)
- Reach Captive #3 (female with a hair bun and yellow shirt)

And are the Kroloteans performed by voice actors or sound effects? If they have voice actors, would you mind sharing who provided the voices?

As always, your time and replies are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the second half of Season 2!

Greg responds...

The only place I keep that kind of information is on the hard copies of my recording scripts, and unfortunately, at the moment, those are boxed until I can find the time to go buy a new file cabinet for my Beverly Hills office.

Response recorded on March 14, 2013