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Harlan Phoenix writes...

Today, I read the Mecha-Nation trade paperback. I really liked the first issue when I had read it and now that I've read the whole thing I like it even more. Which strikes me as a good sign.

I think what I like the most about it is that it feels like a Saturday morning cartoon in the best sense of the term. The whole thing is really fun to read, and the distinct art only makes it an even bigger treat. But as much as you have a great reputation for writing villains, it's often your heroes that really endear me. And the heroes of Mecha-Nation are all very fun and engaging. I could very easily see them carrying a series.

General comments:

-Professor Gear is probably one of my favorite characters you've ever written. For no other reason than I giggled every time he said anything. I found him really amusing way back when and that didn't change at all when I got the full story. Part of me wants a full Mecha-Nation series (whether comic or cartoon) just because Professor Gear would be there.
-On the subject of teachers, the mental voice I gave Mr. Caron was your voice due to your association with Snapper Carr. This made the latter two issues amazing.
-I want to take a moment and praise the art again. I would love to see this design style on TV (though more comics would be nice too).
-I'll admit that I saw the twist of who the ultimate villain of the piece was coming by the time the second issue kicked up, but I didn't really mind because the book's still really fun.

I described Mecha-Nation to a friend of mine as, "Much like Bad Guys, it's a fun comic book that makes a good series pilot." And I think that sums it up well. It provided a fun afternoon read and I came out enjoying it very much. I'd really like to see more of it someday.

Greg responds...

Wow. Thanks. Me too.

I have to admit, it never occurred to me to cast myself as Caron. But, heck, if that's what the fans demand...

Response recorded on March 14, 2013