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Alante C. writes...

Hi Greg! firstly, i just want to say thank you for always putting out great episodes of young justice and also making classics like Gargoyles.

but to my question. i became aware that you and Denys Cowan pitched an Icon and Rocket series(form a previous answer you gave) back in the late 90's to Dreamworks.

1.Could you tell us more that series?
2.How did you two begin to collaborate on that idea?
3.If you remember what was the general premise?
4.Why do you personally think it wasn't picked up?
5.This really isn't a question but if there is anymore information about it id love to hear, i just love the idea.
6.This is off topic but what process do you go through to think of stories for episodes of young justice?

Greg responds...

1. Not really, mostly because it was SO long ago, I don't remember very much. But it was the basic Rocket/Icon dynamic.

2. Geez. Um. I wanna say Denys probably brought the notion to me, but I was already a fan of both characters. But, again, it was a LONG time ago.

3. See above.

4. Don't know. I remember we pitched it to Nickolodeon in New York, along with about ten other ideas or so. Nick bought two of my pitches, Rain of the Ghosts and Madison & M.O.N.-Ro (neither of which ended up getting made for various reasons). But they passed on Rocket. I have no idea why.

5. Me too.

6. Brandon and Kevin and I came up with a ton of story ideas right off the bat. More than we could ever get to, frankly, even with five seasons. Then the task is to organize our thoughts, figure out what would happen when. We begin to come up with a throughline for an entire season and organize stuff around that. Of course, every time we introduce a new character or event that triggers multiple additional story ideas. It's kinda unending.

Response recorded on March 22, 2013