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SSM Fan writes...

A few SSM questions:
1. The titles: I think it was incredibly clever of you to come up with "theme" titles for each arc. How did you come up with it? And more importantly, how did you make each title's double meaning perfectly suit the plot of its respective episode?
2. Why did the Vulture dip his fingers in what looked to be smashed potatoes and smeared it on the wall in "Group Therapy"?
3. You said the Scorpion was slated to appear in season 3. Could you give us a taste of his involvement in the plot? Would he already be a super villain, or would he become on à la Sandman and Rhino?

You are a genius and it makes me sad you are not as appreciated as you should. Networks should fight over you and lock you to a 10 years contract per show. And it makes me sick how some crappy shows get renewed and milked forever and your shows get cancelled in their peak.

I really hope on day you can get to do movies or at least TV series.

A Big Fan.

Greg responds...

1. The theme of the entire series was "The Education of Peter Parker". And originally, the plan was to release a DVD movie version, every three or four episodes, that would include deleted scenes and that would play as one film. So every mini-arc had it's own title, such as "Biology 101". Then for the episodes, we'd look for a title that fit the "course work" but also the episode. Titles came from myself and/or the writers. It wasn't all that difficult. The English language is wonderfully flexible, with nearly every word containing multiple meanings or connotations.

2. Wasn't potatoes. It was a glow-in-the-dark solution to mark the escape route.

3. He'd have become one.

Response recorded on April 02, 2013