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Illyana writes...

Hi Greg!

My questions are related to the Cave layout and refer to the Season One team/time period (especially given that now the Cave is no more - watching the Cave get destroyed in season 2 was truly tragic, by the way, though so beautifully executed).

During "Homefront", when Robin and Artemis are running from the Reds, they end up in what would appear to be the team's shower room. It's pretty huge, which leads me to wonder...

1) Is it a coed shower? (And if I'm mistaken and that wasn't the shower room, then IS there a coed shower room in the Cave?)

2) If so, do the boys and girls take turns (meaning the girls would shower and the boys would wait their turn, or vice versa)? Or are they all comfortable enough with each other that they just shower at the same time and are respectful enough not to stare?

3) If the boys and girls do shower simultaneously, do they wear swim attire (or something similar) when they do so?

I'm just genuinely interested in how you view this particular team dynamic. Growing up in a military family, I'm accustomed to different heads for each gender. However, after watching Battlestar Galactica (the newer series), I found it fascinating that the Galactica crew shared a coed shower room. And, from an economy standpoint, it would probably save a decent amount on space and resources. A very practical outlook, actually.

And I was just wondering what system the Team had in place for this sort of thing...

Anywho, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and I can't wait to watch more of the brilliance that is YJ:I unfold.

Greg responds...

1. No. There's a men's shower and a women's shower.

2. Get real. These are teens in their full hormonal glory.

3. That seems like an extremely ineffective way to get clean.

Response recorded on April 02, 2013