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dailyplanetintern writes...

Wow... just WOW!!!

"Cornered" was AMAZING! Like I always say just when I think that it's not possible for "Young Justice" to get any better it does.

It's just so unique how this series is entertaining for kids but at the same time has enough bite, substance, and intrigue to hook adults too. I know 30+ year-olds who get just or more excited for Saturday to roll around than I do.

I LOVED the full introduction of Virgil! I loved too the little allusion he made when he said "static shock". HaHAha. Can't wait to see more of him and Ty and the other abducties in the coming weeks. Arsenal too. I want to see him and Red Arrow to team up REALLY bad. ^_^.

I also liked seeing Black Lightning in action too.

I have to say that this season is the kind that I love to hate. When everything is crumbling down around the heroes. It's very deliciously frustrating.

I mean the Reach are good (bad)! They are slowly attempting to turn the public against the League, making it appear that they are so innocent. Though in this universe the public shouldn't be worried about the Watchtower unlike in "Justice League Unlimited" it isn't weaponized. And Godfrey is all: "Why are they in space?" My answer is well if you're attempting to help protect to world what better vantage point is there than space?"

I especially love to hate Godfrey. ^_~. I just keep wondering are you from Apokalips on Earth-16 or are you just a jerk?

Anyway this episode has me hungry for more! I can't wait for next week!

PS: I read in one of the answered questions that you had to write out Icon and Rocket in your recent "Young Justice" comic arc.

1. Why did you have to write those character out? I really enjoy them.

2. If you get a third season (hoping and wishing everyday) will that affect their appearance in the third season?

3. If you had to abstain from using them because they're Milestone characters (don't know what's going on there, nothing is clear on that, {if it has to do with the unfortunate and untimely death of Dwayne McDuffie or what} I've only read theories made by others but I haven't found any official information) would that affect the appearance of Icon, Rocket and Virgil/Static in a season three? Assuming that you would use them?

Greg responds...

1. ASKED AND ANSWERED. Though the short answer is, "I don't know. But I enjoyed them too."

2. No one ever even brought up the notion that we couldn't use them on the show.

3. See above.

Response recorded on April 02, 2013