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J writes...

Yove mentioned before that the reason Aquaman doesn't have his "water-bolt" power is because he is not a sourcerer, and only Atlantian sourcerers have hard-water power...now in the comics, the only reason Aquaman can communicate with sealife is because he is a direct decendant of the most powerful Atlantian sourcerers...
My question is, how are these points reconciled on Earth-16? If his telepathy with sea-mamals is not the product of sourcery, why can only he do it (or am I assuming too much)?
And if it is the product of sourcery, even inately, wouldn't it be a simple task to learn such a minor technique as the "water-bolts"?

Greg responds...

You're assuming that there's some connection between telepathy and sorcery, and that's NOT something we've ever connected on Earth-16.

And nothing is SIMPLE when it comes to sorcery.

Response recorded on April 03, 2013