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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg,

Wally's current situation on the show -- sitting on the sidelines and only knowing about "the plan" because of Artemis -- pretty much sums up his existance on Young Justice in my opinion. He's really only ever relevant to the story through his relationship with Artemis, and none of the other characters on the show entire worth rests solely on another character. They've all had their own separate storylines/character arcs that was/is completely about them. Wally is the only exception. And it doesn't help that the show has made it pretty clear that Artemis would be better off without him, too.

I like the characterization of Wally quite a bit, but it just seems that he brings nothing of substance to the show. And it's even worse this season as he's contributed absolutely nothing, and has been replaced by the far more important and superior character in Bart.

So what is it about Wally's character that you guys don't find as interesting as you do the other members of the original team?

Greg responds...

Wow. I don't agree with ANY of your assessments. None of them. So, although you're entitled to your opinions, I can't answer your question, because the premise of it assumes I agree with you, and I don't.

What I will say, is that in Season Two, Wally was a supporting character, not a lead. Then again, the same was true of Superboy, who by your logic one could argue was only there as a foil to Miss Martian. I don't agree with that either, but I don't see why you're singling out Wally and not both of them.

Response recorded on April 03, 2013