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IluvNW writes...

In the episode Cornered, it was April 1. You have previously mentioned that this was the day the Graysons died. A huge number of Grayson fans were hoping to see some anniversary-related footage. What made you decide not to show it/hint at it? In comic books, Batman/Nightwing take the anniversaries of their families' deaths very seriously and still show sadness about it. I get that you'll probably say that Dick mourned off screen/that there isn't time to show everything, but I'd like to ask if Wally or anyone else contacted him/comforted Dick. You'd be helping a lot of fangirls out by answering ;) Thanks for an amazing show.

Greg responds...

As you noted, there wasn't room to do justice to such a HUGE topic in the episode, so we decided to leave that to your imaginations.

Response recorded on April 03, 2013