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Anonymous writes...

Hello Greg, I have a couple of questions.

1.As a creator and producer of Young Justice when it comes to the "looks" of the characters when they are going to be designed, do you take in consideration something like: "They most make the fangirls get a heart attack". Or they are just designed and see if they get fans by themselves (history, past, actitud, etc).
2.Righ now, the series it´s no over yet, we are all specting a Season 3, so most of our questions may be a Spoiler Request. But if theres no season 3, those question are gonna be answered or are gonna be let to speculation?
3.How those it feels to see all the reactions that a series you produce cause to the fandom? (Im sure it´s somehow funny)

Greg responds...

1. Well, this is probably a better question for Phil Bourassa and/or Brandon Vietti, but since it's kind or rhetorical anyway, I won't sweat it. Obviously, we wanted the characters to be attractive in their way, while still being as true as possible to what made them iconic in the first place.


3. It's a mix. I just saw a review that made me want to slit my throat. (Or maybe the reviewers'.) But on the other hand, we get a lot of great positive feedback that's very gratifying.

Response recorded on April 03, 2013