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J writes...

Why is it so easy for the bad guys to manipulate the opinions of the general population of Earth-16?
I mean, if Superman existed in the real world, not many people would find it hard to believe that a multi-billiinair like Lex Luthor was really a scum-bag...thats the general consensus about most rich people anyway; even a philanthropist like Bruce Wayne would be looked at with suspission by many.
Would I be correct in assuming there is a general distrust of anyone in a mask (which I could understand, but that doesn't apply to a lot of heros like Superman, Wonder Woman, & Captian Marvel)?
Or should it just be chalked-up to "hey, these people are so unaware they dont even recognise Clark Kent without his glasses"?
Are they just REALLY gullable?

Greg responds...

I think manipulating the opinions of any large group is depressingly easy in the real world. So the notion that it's RELATIVELY easy on Earth-16 doesn't even vaguely trouble me.

Today's hero is tomorrow's goat. Today's scumbag is tomorrow's candidate for redemption. Today's truth is tomorrow's lie. Today's lie becomes tomorrow's truth. Etc. Etc. (And again, I'm talking about the real world here.)

In that context, what really bothers you about how we've depicted things?

Response recorded on April 04, 2013