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Windona writes...

Hi Greg! I loved Cornered, and the character interactions were great. I especially loved the subtle character development of the scarab, seeing Billy Batson again, and Mal becoming Guardian (the haminess was perfect!) Combined with how slick and manipulative the Ambassador is, along with the reveal at the end... well, I cannot think about anything but next week's episode!

Now, on to my questions:

1) Does the scarab dissolve and reform Jaime's clothes like in the comics? I ask because his pants and hoodies he wears don't seem like they'd fit under the armor, but the Earth-16 version of the scarab has less capabilities than its Earth-1 version, so I could not be sure.

2) Why did you (you or you and your team) decide to change the name of the Negotiator to the Ambassador?

Greg responds...

1. His clothes are soft and smooshable. His armor is hard. They fit.

2. What was he negotiating?

Response recorded on April 05, 2013