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Gothic-Cowboy writes...

Mr. Weisman, in Cornered, why was Captain Atom so ineffective debating with the Reach Ambassador, and why was the UN Secretary-General so completely willing to believe whatever he was told by the Reach? I mean, the Reach kidnapped a number of young people from many different places, all of whom were probably reported missing to the authorities. They're obviously traumatized, and the experiments that they were subjected to clearly left measurable changes in their physiologies. When all of these missing kids suddenly show up, testify against the Reach, and begin demonstrating metahuman powers that they didn't have before, how does the Reach Ambassador manage to negate all of that by waving his hand and dismissing them as impressionable groupies? Also, were none of team able to get any records (visual, audio, etc.) of the rescue itself? Wouldn't they have wanted to acquire as much information as possible on that mission, both for careful analysis later and in order to reveal the hidden threat? It just seems to me that the League should have everything they need to prove the Reach's ill-intentions. Thank you.

Greg responds...

You've got some assumptions wrong.

Ninety-nine percent of the children that were abducted were runaways, kids that either wouldn't be missed or whose disappearances could be easily explained otherwise.

THEN most of those captives are dead. There's no one to testify to the experiments besides, Virgil, Tye, Asami, Eduardo and Nate. And Nate doesn't remember anything. And the point that the Ambassador was making is that the four who could testify could be shown to be biased in favor of the heroes.

In addition, Tseng knew (from personal experience) about alien abductions BY THE KROLOTEANS. So the Ambassador's claim that Captain Atom was confusing the two was certainly plausible. Even if it could be proved that the kids had powers (which wasn't yet obvious at the time of the U.N. meeting you're discussing), the blame could be shifted rather easily to the KNOWN abductors.

As for the rest of your comments, ultimately you're entitled to your opinion. But I'm satisfied with what we portrayed.

Response recorded on April 05, 2013