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JAC writes...

A couple of questions about Beast Boy...

1. Does his morphing suit only capable of those two modes, uniform and collarI know youve said before that those are the only two he knows how...but with practice, could he, for example make, a saddle for his horse form?

2. Does he have an idenic memory? It just seems to me for some reason that he does...maby because he says "noted" a lot and recites animal facts.

Also I've made this plea in the past, and you mentioned it coud go either way...but, if its still not decided yet PLEASE don't make him vegitarian. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will work out great for the show, but I have a couple points that might sway you to the meat side...
First, its BEAST boy, not "hippy d-bag boy". Second, hes a Human, an omnivore, who can become other animals, not a rabbit who can take Human form. And, finally, your own version of him spends most of the time as a hybrid monkey...also omnivores.
Please dont take this as me trying to tell you how to write your show...like I said, it.will be a great story either way. Its just that Changling was my second favorie Titan (after Nightwing, of course)...until they made him vegitarian...after that I never saw him the same way. It was like "Oh no! A ferocious tiger! Oh, never mind...its a vegitarian."

Greg responds...

1. No. He's not psychic and so cannot control it psychically. It's been "pre-programmed" by Miss Martian to react to his transformations by retracting to collar form and vice versa. Beast Boy doesn't control it AT ALL.

2. I have no reason to think so. But he's a bright kid.

3. Not that we addressed his eating habits on the series one way or another, but you MUST see that writing this request in January of 2013 was pointless. We finished ALL production in October of 2012. We couldn't honor ANY requests after that, even if we were so inclined.

Response recorded on April 05, 2013