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Just a Nerd writes...

Spoilers ahoy!

Wow, Greg. Just wow. True Colors blew my mind. It was like pure, bottled awesome broadcast through the TV. Loved the Atom/Bumblebee surgury bit, but was Impulse really qualified to be in an operating room? I'd be scared he'd see something shiny and go nuts. Jamie's hesitation to go on the mission was perfectly scripted and acted, and I loved Arsenal's new look, costume, hairstyle, everything. Robin in a leadership role was cool again. And Pa Kent was just awesome. Liked Impulse's impaitence, and the stealth-tech punch in the arm. More Black Beetle was great, as was Arsenal's want to cause Luthor grief. The Light's conference with Sportsmaster was great. I thought someone was going to leave that room in a body bag. And Deathstroke... One of my all time favorite villains in Young Justice caused me some serious freaking out. But the Psimon/Aqualad "therapy session" is gonna end up with some serious repercussions. And the Green Beetle was just... Completely unexpected and totally epic. Gaahh, I'm going obsessed fanboy. Just a couple questions, though.
1. Did Impulse really have any business in the operating room, or was he there for, like, moral support?
2. Where did the idea come from for Deathstroke to have a ponytail? Not finding fault, in a strange way it works.
3. Is the Martian with the scarab actually from mainstream DC? Or was it a new creation for the show?
Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful show. This episode blew my expectations out of the water. Can't wait for The Fix!!

Greg responds...

1. Impulse was a spectator at a surprisingly non-invasive procedure (which constituted two intravenous injections only - one to put Atom and Bumblebee in and the other to get them out).

2. That damn ponytail. <sigh> The ponytail was Phil Bourassa's idea, supported by Brandon Vietti. That's right, I'm hanging them both out to dry on the ponytail! HANGING THEM. OUT. TO DRY. I never liked it, but I was outvoted two to one. (But I'm glad you liked it.)

3. He was basically created for the show, extrapolating from what we know about the Reach and Mars, which of course was all based on DC Comics (through an Earth-16 lens).

Response recorded on April 05, 2013