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Anonymous writes...

Okay as much as I love Blue Beetle and Impulse, they have way too much screen time. It was the same problem with Superboy in the first season. If you do end up getting a season 3 (fingers crossed) could we have a little more balance with character screen time?

Greg responds...

Balance (vis-a-vis screentime) was never promised, nor was it ever a priority. Nor am I much interested in it. I guess I'm glad you like all - or at least enough - of the characters to want screentime balance for them, but it's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. That doesn't mean that ALL - and in this case, I DO mean all - of the characters don't interest Brandon and I. They do. ALL OF THEM. And given enough episodes and/or issues and/or games and/or whatever, I suppose over time you'd get more balance than you probably want. But in any given season or run or whatever, we are going to go with the story we're telling. And, frankly, balance be damned.

Response recorded on April 09, 2013