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CGYJ writes...

Hello, Mr. Greg Weisman,

Another good episode! Here are my thoughts on interesting things I've seen on this episode.

Jonathan Kent's First Appearance - Finally! After all those times of me worrying of what his fate might have been in comparison to the comics, Mr. Kent is still alive and well on Earth-16. It's probably a fair bet that Martha Kent is okay too, but thanks for at least showing us Mr. Kent… Also, I noticed Jonathan acknowledged Conner as one of his "boys," and so I'm guessing that Conner was introduced to the Kents by Clark during the time-skip?

Green… Beetle? - Yeah, the latest promo did show this guy, but I never expected him to be a Martian. The name probably suggests that he is a Green Martian. I also suspect he is an original character because I looked around the Internet to see if there was prior info on the guy, but I found nothing. It got me curious that he seems to know about Martian Manhunter to some extent. Perhaps they met before?

The Light wants a team of heroes of their own? - Oh no no no no no! I had feared something like this would happen. For a while, I have been theorizing that one of the factors that could have led to the Reach Apocalypse is that there would be some kind of meta-human civil war (which would theoretically be something like the Marvel Comics event "Civil War."), because something like that could really push public opinion against the Justice League forever. And now, we are going to have a group of kids whose intentions may be good but are going to unintentionally work for the bad guys? Not good! Not good at all! If I turn out to be right, I will be very surprised.

Tim Drake's second round of leadership - It's nice to have Tim be in charge again. I've been waiting forever for him to have a chance to lead more often. If Tim gets more chances like this, I bet he'll eventually lead the Team himself someday…

Aqualad is at risk of being compromised?! - With Psimon on the case, it's going to be bad for him if the truth is revealed. I hope Aqualad recovers in time to help our heroes in the fight against the Light and the Reach…

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts about this episode.


Greg responds...

Conner is considered family at this point.

Response recorded on April 09, 2013