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Anonymous writes...

1. I really enjoy the dynamic between Jaime and Bart. I am curious though, why did you decide to make them friends? Since Bart knows Blue Beetle brings on the Reach apocalypse I can easily see Bart wanting nothing to do with Jaime whatsoever. I just want to know your thoughts on this friendship.

2. You've said previously that you have sexualities in mind for the characters. You don't have to name any names, but I was wondering if you perceived any characters as asexual?

Greg responds...

1. My thoughts are mostly on screen. The relationship began with Bart trying to get close to Jaime as part of his agenda. Then they became legitimate friends.

2. Probably - in a show with as many characters as YJ has, it seems likely, doesn't it? But I haven't given it much thought.

Response recorded on April 11, 2013