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J writes...

Being a gay man who has to go out of his way to see even a glimpse of his own existance in mass media, especially in what would be considered for kids (although, I really dont see Gargoyles or Young Justice as "kid shows"), I usually dont try to make those kinds of connections...and all the speculation surrounding Impulse & Blue Beetle kind of felt more like just some fans grasping at straws...but then there was that scene in "true colors" where Beetle elbows Impulse that is HIGHLY remanisant of Artemis doing the exact thing to Kid Flash...
I used to love Impulse in the comic (pre Titan days), and it did kind if seem like he had a man-crush on Batman, and by extention Robin...so I gues its not totally unpressidented (he also seemed to act oblivous when a gil was trying to flirt, which I can totally relate to).
I know next to nothing about Blue Beetle (except that one of my faveorite Leaugers was replaced by some kid), but I thought that one of the major reasons he became a hero revolved arround a dead gilfriend...and didnt he also have girlfriend in Titans? (like I said, I knie nothing about him prior to your show).
I guess my question is...
I know your willing to write a charactor as gay, even if you cant say it out liud (and thank you for that), but are you also willing to portray a, for the most established straight chatactor as having a different orientation?
I had to stop buying Devin Grayson's run of Nightwing...not because I dont like bisexuals (my partner of 7 years has 2 kids), but because I found it extreamly disrespectful to the charactor and the fans, to suddenly alter decades of established charactorization.
Having said that, I did kind always kind of assume Ted Kord and Booster Gold had a thing (they were always together and neither ever had a girlfriend), but never really got my hopes up...and YJ's Blue Beetle and Impulse almost parallel them.

Greg responds...

I'm willing in theory if it feels right for the character, particularly in the context of an Earth-16 type scenario, where the choice I've made doesn't necessarily effect or reflect what's going on with the character elsewhere.

Response recorded on April 11, 2013