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Louissa writes...

Hey, Greg, not a question, jut wanted to stop by and tell you that "True Colors" was brilliant! Green Beetle was a shocker, I really didn't see that one coming. Now you probably realise everyone's wondering if there's gonna be a Red Beetle in. But I'm not asking that. Second, Impulse is a great character. He has that thing everybody liked about Wally in the first season, but at the same time he's really different and actually awesome.
Oh, and if the show goes on hiatus again, I'm going to slip in a severe depression, so no hiatuses, okay?
Thank you for creating this show that sums up all my wishes and all my childhood. And though I'm 15 I'm telling you, I'll never stop watching this show as long as it airs and I honestly hope I'll be watching it all my high school years.
You and your team are incredible! Thank you, again.

Greg responds...

Hiatuses were never up to me or within my ability to control one way or another. But I'm glad you loved the series.

Response recorded on April 12, 2013