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Ollie'o writes...

Dear Mr. Greg,
1. In Happy New Year Dick says this to Tim, "Just don't die okay. And no unnecessary risks to the squad. That's an order." Is this some subtle reference to Jason?
2. Why did you choose to exclude Jason from the story altogether? I understand that Jason't story is dark and sad, but what about non-comic-reading people who don't know who the Robin in the Grotto was? The world will never know about Jason Todd's sacrifice. (3. See what i did there?)
Okay, my Jason Todd rant is over. Nightwing out.
PS the show has gotten to be just outstanding recently. Give yourself a figurtive pat on the back.

Greg responds...


2. If, as you suggest, we had chosen to exclude Jason from the story altogether, why would we INCLUDE him at all?

Everyone's SO impatient for everything to be included instantly. And then they also bitch when we include too much and THEIR favorite character isn't getting enough screentime because of it. Talk about a no-win scenario.

Response recorded on April 15, 2013