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Just a Nerd writes...

In regards to Players, Chapter Five:

In my opinion, the comics industry sucks. In most books, we get a major cliff hanger, and then we have to wait a month for the resolution. But you have to go and leave us with THREE cliff hangers! And we still have to wait a month for our answers!
I'm sorry. That rant against the establishment just had to come out. I know there's nothing you can do about it. I guess it's because you're a fantastic story teller, it just makes the wait all the more painful...
But honestly, Chapter Five was fantastic. We pick up right were we left off last month, Batgirl fighting Match, Plas standing by helplessly; Manhunter, Flash, and Atom falling out of Brainiac-- I mean, the Collector of World's ship while Beetle, Wonder Girl, Nightwing, and Zatanna infiltrate it; Bumblebee and Gar searching for the force field generator; the Supers, Wonder Woman, and the Captains in battle with Kylstar; and Deadshot attacking Harjavti five years earlier. And you didn't disappoint. I'm not sure about how easily Match was defeated... I guess even a ultra-pissed genomorph needs oxygen... But the Lexcorp truck was too perfectly timed... like they knew ha had been defeated... hmm.... Beast Boy's still concerned about Ms. Harjavti. He seems to think that her safety is more important than anything else. I guess since he's just 12 or 13, he can't see the big picture... I liked the reference to Independence Day, the 'West maneuver' they used on Kylstar. But he certainly isn't someone to be trifled with, given how quickly he counteracts the League's actions. (It is a he, right?) I liked the two Robins confusion for Beetle. And that face was perfectly drawn. Christopher Jones has done great work on the art for this whole run. And the realization that the CoW was shrinking Metropolis... Leads to an interesting predicament. I just don't know what to do until next month.... Only question: is it correct to call Kylstar him? Alien genders can be unpredictable. Thank you again for a fantastic story that caused me to lose sleep.

Greg responds...

I'm sure the folks in the LexCorp truck DID know Match had just been defeated.

And, yeah, you can call Kylstar him. In English, anyway.

And I share your praise for Chris' work on the book. Stellar.

Response recorded on April 16, 2013