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Just a Nerd writes...

Spoilers within. Fair warning.

Holy crap, Greg. You, sir, have outdone yourself. The Fix was amazing. So much happened so fast. In most shows it would seem cluttered and rushed. But this episode was perfect. The animation was fantastic. The writing was fantastic. The acting, however was simply mediocre. PSYCHE!!! Everything was FANTASTIC!!! I LOVED everything in this ep. Manta wants to fix Kaldur. Psimon discovers the Team's secrets, goes ballistic. They want to use M'gann now, on the advice of Artemis/ Tigress. M'gann gets kidnapped. Lagoon Boy attacks Deathstroke with a refrigerator, which I found hilarious. Lagoon Boy goes bonkers that Conner isn't looking for her. Nightwing if forced to reveal their secrets to Lagoon and Super Boys. Nightwing learns that M'gann fried Kaldur's brain. Some crazy Reach commercial for a soda. Green Beetle 'fixes' Jaime's scarab. M'gann and Artemis go inside Kaldur's head. Some crazy stuff happens. Kaldur without a face. Pissed off Tula. Destroyed Atlantis. Holy CRAP NUGGETS. I sat in silence for a good five minutes through the next show just trying to comprehend everything that had happened. Time for questions.
1. So Green Beetle isn't an existing character. Was his "alter ego" based on anyone?
2. Who came up with the concept for Kaldur's broken mind? It was frightening.
3. Why was Impulse less than enthusiastic about Jaime being in control? (I'm joking. There's no way that could be anything but a SR.NC.)
4. Is it odd that I'm more emotionally invested in a TV show than in my school drama stuff-ness?

Greg responds...

1. Not particularly.

2. Mostly me but with a lot of help from Brandon Vietti and Kevin Hopps. Plus some great artists. (See the credits.)

3. I don't think he was unenthusiastic so much as stunned and a little unsure if it was truly legit in that first moment.


Response recorded on April 17, 2013