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Shyann writes...

First I'd like to say that I really love the show. Everything about it is quality and I'm so happy to see an animated show be done with such respect. I'd also like to say I'm really happy that you included the character of Klarion. Without you guys, I probably would have never found out about him. I'm also glad you guys went with a version that's more like the originally since I'm not a fan of the blue skinned innocent pilgrim boy version. And everyone seems to always use that one. Also I'd like to say I like yalls version of The Joker. I see people complain about it a lot but I personally think it's rather fresh and I enjoyed seeing him in action. So thank you for trying something different with him! Umm that aside I've got a couple of questions if you don't mind, sir.

1. Is Klarion capable of having affectionate feelings for anything other than his cat? Is he above romantic feelings? Or is he just tooo uhhh non human for that type of thing?

2. How old is Deathstroke?

3.(This is half compliment and half question) I really like the direction you guys took with Deathstroke's design. It's different from any past versions I can remember. It actually made me think of his daughter as soon as I saw the white hair sticking out like it did. What did you guys have in mind when designing him?

Greg responds...

1. He's chaotic, not emotionless.


3. You'd have to ask Phil Bourassa and Brandon Vietti, though the marching orders are generally the same for any new character. We want the character to feel iconic. But we want to translate what's great about him or her into the design style of our world.

Response recorded on April 18, 2013