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Paul writes...

You said that there were six or seven major characters you wanted to include in season 2, but that you didn't have room for them in the end. I have a few questions about that:

1a) If season 2 had been 26 episodes, would you have had enough room to include them?

1b) If so, would all six or seven have featured or just a handful of them?

2) You mentioned that Starfire is a character you're thinking of for season 3 if you get one. Was she one of the major characters you originally wanted to include in season 2?

3) Regarding the two characters you originally wanted to include in the bridal shower scene in "Satisfaction": were either of them intended to be significant characters in season 2?

Greg responds...

1a. I'm not too interested in hypotheticals. We didn't. So we didn't.

1b. More episodes might have meant more characters, but there's no guarantee. It's not like we broke 26 episodes and then had to reduce them down to 20. We broke 20.

2. WHEN did I ever say Starfire was in Season Three? I just searched the ASK GREG archives for Starfire, and EVERY time I was asked that question, my response was (you'll never guess) SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT. <sigh> No, Starfire was never a candidate for Season Two.

3. Ever? Maybe in some early discussions. But not once we really got rolling.

Response recorded on April 18, 2013