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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...


Batman of Shanghi- I'm guessing it's a beautifully crafted parody of not particularly my thing.
Amethyst- cute enough

No questions- just comments.

1-Virgil ("Static Shocks" cute name drop.) The voice is familiar...sounds like the old voice but...internet...isn't.

2-Duncan and Karens' living situation makes Duncan so sad. I don't know if it is from the comics or new for the show, but he deserves better, at least I hope he has some better luck come his way soon.

3-LRon and Despero; I don't know enough outside of the cartoon to compare portrayals.

4-The Reach is smooth...set up the frame of dialogue to leave the JLA at a disadvantage- "When did you stop beating your wife?"

5- Shazam! Doesn't work? DANG. (Nice mid teen design on Billy.)

6- Can't quite catch all the JSAers at the end of the line as the tubes get smashed- ...Red Torpedo, Flash, Phantom Stranger. Was there someone else in red mixed in at the end?

7- Megan is totally debilitated by recent events, it actually speaks well for her character.

8- Duncan and the Guardian outfit was clearly telegraphed- still very nice. (Though Bumble Bee's taking out the 3rd eye helped a lot.)

9- Another headquarters destroyed....sheesh.

10- Watchtower revealed: I can't tell if it was a surprise to Eeling or not. The first view seemed yes, but the second seemed not.

11- Jamie's reveal of the Scarab and prophesy - I'm conditioned to think well of the Scarab from the Blue Beetle comics, but even this version, underneath every homicidal and over the top suggestion thus far, the Scarab's only impulse is survival. It wants nothing of the Reach, nor any grouping. Jamie is just too close to see it as anything other than a threat.

Random: The DC nation 'expert archer' looks like one of the cops in the current Gangster Squad movie.

Random two: I'm also enjoying Green Lantern. That Steam Lantern twist has got to be the most British stiff upper lip ever broadcast. I saw the big misunderstanding thing coming, but after that? Say some say the world ends in fire and some ice, but they say a pot of tea. :)

Greg responds...

6. No Phantom Stranger. You might be thinking of Sandman.

10. It was a surprise.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013