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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

True Colors
Batman of Shanghai - Still a loving parody of not my type of anime.
Amethyst- That's one weird meadow and lake...

Again- no questions, just comments.

1- Fantastic Voyage anyone? I can't tell if Karen's infatuation is with the science alone or just the man. Dr Cross...still with good eyes. Mmm...

2- 'Noted philanthropist Lex Luthor' J

3- GGG praises tours of the farm facility. Of course you won't see anything more than folks used to see on tours of the Hall of Justice. Touring the UN doesn't make it any more open than it's component parts. Even if GGG is just a normal human- he's drunk the Kool-Aid in this case. Ironic considering what's being made there.

4-"Your Scarab has had multiple opportunities to betray us. It hasn't...."
"There Jamie Reyes, listen to the Night Wing, his logic is flawless
-Setting it straight out to be ignored. Evil. ;)

5- Tim as team leader- liking the training of a leader.
Arsenal - An angry young man...just like his clone was. Ironic the Watchtower was the last straw back then too. Of course it sounds like this Roy doesn't know it is not weaponized.

6- Pa Kent :)

7-Now that's a Rutabaga!

8-Sportsmaster wants vengeance for form not love. (Ironically Black Manta genuinely loves his son.) It doesn't seem to me that Cheshire's eyes are smiling under her mask.

9-Roy screws the mission. The question is how much damage he'll cause before he learns. I'm thinking this won't be enough. This level of anger will have him walk away from the group before that sort of maturity.

10- Black Beetle is one scary dude.

11-Roy's arm cannon from Lex can at least damage Black Beetle. Lex is a 'partner' with the Reach. I'm guessing that isn't a coincidence...or at very least it won't be anymore upon Lex seeing that on the closed circuit tv.
I'm guessing that the Light joined with the Reach so humanity could be tested and progress.

12- "Nothing like a warm plasma bath...and clean off the tomato stains." HA!

13- "As a father myself I understand your pain." He's not much for fatherly love....

14- Cornfield or cornfield? Cornfield.

15- Green Beetle. Ba-az Ahom...Barsoom? I don't trust him. He may only think he's in control. Or maybe not even that. It's just too tight on Jaime's wants and fears.

Greg responds...

Now that's a Response!

Response recorded on April 19, 2013