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J writes...

Since Red Volcano is back (this shouldnt be a spoiler to anyone...you said this yourself in your latest post in the response section), does that mean Red Inferno, a.k.a Firebrand, could still be "alive" (for lack of a better term) as well?
I never believed she was gone in the first place...I mean wouldnt she have been designed to withstand extreamly high tempuratures? How could she melt from lava? I know lava is really hot...but if Red Volcano can survive it (and he was shown to have melted, at least partially), then she should too...at least thats my theory.
Poor Red Torpedo though, he has no excuse to have survived...but he kind of came off to me as suicidal anyway, and he went out like any hero should...so maby its for the best.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 24, 2013