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Brock writes...

So, what exactly is Asami's power? It just didn't seem explained in the episode

Greg responds...

Brandon Vietti answers that (and other things) here:


WF: Lots of fans asked this one: Could you break down what is Asami's power?

BV: Asami's power gives her the ability to gather and channel the flow of her inner energy (chi, ki, or chakra). She can expel this energy to propel herself forward, cushion a landing or push things away from her. She can also reverse that flow which allows her to stick to a vertical surface for a short period of time. Reversing the energy flow only has an affect on things she touches and not objects outside her grasp. The pattern of concentric circles that trail behind her when leaping or project in front of her when pushing are supposed to represent an air disturbance. Asami's body glows slightly as she utilizes her energy which also provides her a little protection from rough landings and impacts but won't stop a bullet.

Response recorded on April 24, 2013