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Eagle-Owl writes...

Oh, and why were there no subtitles for Asami's dialogue? And what was she saying throughout the episode "Runaways"?

Greg responds...

There were no subtitles because we intentionally wanted the audience to be in the same boat as Ed, Virgil and Tye.

Below is all the Japanese dialogue and the translations that are in the script. Some of it might have been slightly different in the final on screen product.

(I want to state in advance that we did the best we could. The translations and transliterations were all run by a Japanese native in advance. And the actress who played Asami, Janice Kawayi, is fluent in Japanese. I have no way of knowing if there are errors, but no one can claim that we didn't do our very best to get it right.)

Wilcox: Mo oshi my. Oyasumi nasai, Asami-san. [We're finished. Goodnight, Asami.]

Asami: Domo, domo. [Thank you, thank you.]

Asami: Suimasen? [Excuse me?]

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Suimasen?

Asami: Yabai. Yasura ga kulu. [Trouble. They're coming.]

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Tahsukute kureru no? [Will you help us?]

Jaime: <sigh> Hai. I'll help you.

Asami: Nadaka yoku wakaranai kado, ja ishoni ikuwayo. [I have no idea what's going on, but I'll follow.]

Asami: Doitashimashite. Achoto, suimasen! [You're welcome. Now, please, excuse me!]

Wilcox: Virgil, Asami-san. Domo. Thank you.

Asami: Suimasen.

Virgil: "Suimasen." That means "trouble", doesn't it?

Lex: Kimi no chikara ni, naritain da. [Lit: I want to be a power behind you. Fig: I want to help.]

Asami: Ah… domo?

Response recorded on April 25, 2013