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CGYJ writes...

Hello Mr. Greg Weisman,

"Runaways" was a crazy episode, and bad things are definitely happening more often than good things are. Here are my thoughts below.

My thoughts about "Runaways":

Red Volcano is Back?! - That's impossible! We saw his demise in Season One! How is it that he came back?!

Blue Beetle's Aggressiveness - What a way for Blue to screw up! He tries to take on Red Volcano and nearly kills one of the people he is trying to help and loses their trust, all in one night. But then again, it's not his fault…

More like a Green Scorpion than a Green Beetle - It's insane. I thought he was one of the good guys, but now we see that he's in cahoots with Black Beetle and we don't know why. Worse, now we know that Green Beetle is part of the reason why the Reach Apocalypse happens; all because he rebooted the blue scarab to control Jaime…

What did Asami say? - I didn't understand a single thing that she said when she spoke. It would've nice if there were English subtitles to translate her language…

Deal with the Devil? - Lex wants the Runaways to join the cause of the Light? They'll probably say yes and that's not good. The Runaways would probably be viewed as heroes by the public but the Justice League and the Team would be viewed as villains…

Thanks for taking the time to read this posting.

Greg responds...

I think all of your questions have been ASKED AND ANSWERED, but they may have been rhetorical anyway.

Response recorded on April 25, 2013