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A Flash Fan writes...

Hey Greg,

It's me again. Sorry you've been bogged with work, but I'm sure it will come out excellent as it thus far has proven to be. I know by the time you get to this post Young Justice Invasion will most likely be over (I'm predicting you'll answer this around the first week of May...let's see if I'm right :)
Anyway I just wanted to say I feel sorry that Young Justice is not continuing, at least for the time being. You made a really good show along with all your team. Like others' comments you've read, I must say watching this show during some less than perfect times for me, was a great experience. I did have some questions regarding the cancellation...

1. Did CN give you a reason(s) and if so what is/are they if you are able to tell us? Did costs of production have something to do with it?
2. After seeing the series, I've seen a lot of reliance on mind links, which perhaps reduces costs in animation. I think because the animators can keep the image of the character a longer time rather than drawing new frames with moving lips. Was this on purpose or is there another reason?

On Runaways, I don't know if El Dorado originally had a civilian name in Super Friends, but if not is that why you came up with Eduardo because of the close similarity?

In other news, I think I get where you're going, but geez! I have no idea how you're going to wrap up so much in so little time. I read your recent interview http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=43480 and I agree the extra 6 episodes would have helped. So one more question...If you did have those extra episodes would have spaced out the events more, included new characters, or what?

A final comment based on the previous episodes which I began guessing after Cornered, and left me nodding today after Nightwing's comment and eventual occurrence in Runaways...Zeta Tube destruction really isn't very helpful for slow superheroes is it? First Speedy in Satisfaction, Aqualad in Darkest, Despero/L Ron in Cornered, now Red Volcano in Runaways...Flash must get very tired...

Greg responds...

More or less the last week of April, so you were close.

Okay, let's start with this. CN and WBTVA have both gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to state that the show isn't cancelled. It's just not picked-up. It makes no practical difference as far as I can see, but it seems to matter to them, so I'm not just going to accept the terminology your using and slide by it.

1. Not really, no.

1a. The cost of production relative to the income the production was bringing in was definitely a reason. The loss of the toyline was a huge blow. The perception that the ratings on action series in general are not as strong as the ratings on a comedy like Adventure Time was another blow.

2. Mind-links were not a cost-saving measure, no. We had a telepathic Martian on a Team going on covert ops. It just made sense.

3. I think it was Brandon's idea to give him the initials E.D. for El Dorado. But it also worked as Ed Dorado, which sounds like El Dorado. And Ed was short for Eduardo. Which is all to say, it just seemed right.

4. People seem to misinterpret what I said as if we HAD those six episodes and had to take them out. But we NEVER had them. So we never built a 26 episode season. We built a 20 episode season. I have some notions as to what might have been included with more episodes, including more with Zatanna and Red Tornado, plus more screen time for characters like Batgirl, Robin, Wonder Girl and Beast Boy, who got shorter shrift this season. But it's not like we had six specific stories plotted out.

5. I've reread this paragraph four times now, and I'm not really sure what you're saying. Your examples seem to conflict with each other. Obviously, without Zeta Tubes, there are only a handful of heroes who can come from a long distance in a timely manner... unless they already happen to be nearby.

Response recorded on April 26, 2013