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Annie writes...

Greg, I love the show and the fact that you're trying to make it racially diverse is awesome. But as someone majoring in Japanese, I hope you'll pardon my rudeness when I say that Asami's use of the language in the latest episode was seriously off.

For one thing, "sumimasen", which is usually used as an apology, is used here to indicate Asami basically having no idea as to what the boys were talking about. The context really didn't mesh well, and it bothered me. While "sorry" can be used as questioning manner in English, the same doesn't exactly apply in Japanese. I think, given her situation, a simple "Nani?" (what?) would have sufficed.

Another thing that annoyed me was when she told the boys "Ja issho ni ikuwayo!". I assume you wanted her to say "Let's go!", but what you really got was "We're going!"
and it's a slight mismatch considering what Virgil, Tye and Eduardo were saying earlier (By the way, the correct phrasing is "Ja issho ni ikimashou!").

I hope I didn't sound bossy or anything. This was just a small blotch on an otherwise excellent episode, and whatever problems I may have with Asami's Japanese, as a person, I like her already.

Greg responds...

She uses it as an apology more than once.

Anyway, as previously stated we had at least two people involved who spoke fluent Japanese. One is a native of Japan, who consulted for us on the writing. The other was the actress who played the roll and is fluent in Japanese.

That doesn't mean we got it right, but I don't know how we could have done any more to insure it.

Response recorded on April 26, 2013