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Ran writes...

Greg, I have a small gripe. But before I talk about that I want to say I really I dig "The Runaways". It's refreshing to seen a children's cartoon (thought I seriously doubt you could call YJ one, considering some of the themes you sneak past the censors) that portrays minority characters in positive light, acknowledging their race and culture without letting it become a defining part of them.

Now on to the gripe.

What with Asami's Japanese? It's (mostly) grammatically correct, but contextually it's glaringly out of place, as the wrong words were used. I also noticed that the way she spoke seemed a bit... westernised? I speak the language myself and I found it rather odd when Lex Luthor had a better Japanese accent than a native Japanese person. I found the whole thing even odder when I did my research and found out that Janice Kawaye is fluent in the language. Did she have any input? I remember looking through the archives once and I think you said in one of your replies that you had some Spanish-speaking voice actors help with regard to how Bane Spanish.

Greg responds...


Do you guys EVER look and see that someone's already asked your question ahead of you in the queue?

Response recorded on April 29, 2013