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Anonymous writes...

For real? Young Justice is being replaced by Teen Titans, Go...For real?

A much as the fans may feel like theyre getting slaped in the face so some three year olg can get a good giggle...you must feel like Cartoon Network just took a big ole' dump on your face...

As much as I'm sad that YJ is almost over, I feel 10 times worse for you. I mean, I know youll go on to create something else prpbably just as incredible that we'll all fall in love with...but...for real? Teen Titans, Go. For REAL?!

Which imbicil(s) at CN that decided this should be fired and never allowed to work in television again.

Greg responds...

Wow, such pleasant imagery.

Anyway, I'd give TTG a chance. I haven't seen it, but there are some great people working on it. It's not meant to replace YJ, nor is it even vaguely meant to be the same kind of show. But that doesn't mean it won't be terrific in its own way.

Response recorded on April 30, 2013