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andrea writes...

hi greg!
todays episode (war)......WOW! just wow....nice work! first giving us a false sense of security and then BOOM POW KA-POW!!! i mean i knew something bad was gonna happen because Mal and Karen were soooo lovey-dovey BUT NOT THAT!!!! seriously my respects to all of you people who make this show happen :D and by the way loved the cassie/arsenal ship-ish scene and that MAl is guardian :D poor supey though betrayed by yet another one of his frends *sad smile* next weeks episode will be bitter sweet, we can watch new YJ but is one more near the end! ....wait thats not gonna happen! NOT if the YJ fandom can do anything about it...please dont laugh :P i know it sounds crazy but i think we can do it :)

Greg responds...

I hope so! I haven't given up yet!

Response recorded on April 30, 2013