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A Flash Fan writes...

Hi Greg...Me again...

I just wanted to say that thus far "War" has made it to be one of my favorite episodes. I really felt you went all out for this episode. So many characters, so much battle sequence, a deepening plot with the Light and the Reach, a lot of fun with Karen and Mal (Why did you go for guardian instead of the Herald?), really interesting sequence with Blue Beetle, amazing emotional outpouring from Arsenal, and of course Keith David! (How cool was it getting back again? Did you guys talk a lot about Goliath and Gargoyles?) I still rack my brains trying to figure out how you will solve this...All I can hope is that with so many heroes down, Wally will be making a big comeback (well at least that's my biggest hope for the rest of the season).

I really wanted to know, was part of War World inspired by the Death Star/Star Wars?

Anyway magnificent job. I'd keep writing praise, but I'd run out of room. This was terrific!

Greg responds...

Guardian fit our continuity best. And, frankly, I think he's a stronger, more iconic hero. Herald never really did that much for me.

Keith and I are friends, and our families see each other socially every once in a while. So I don't need a recording as an excuse to talk old times. But it's always great to see him, and it's always great to have his amazing talents on any show I produce.

As for the inspiration for The Warworld, you'd have to ask its creators, i.e. Len Wein and Jim Starlin. They also created Mongul in the same two-parter (DC Comics Presents #27-28). We got Warworld from those comics, and if you take a look at those issues, you'll see we used Warworld in very much the same manner as it was originally presented.

Response recorded on May 01, 2013