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Garrik writes...

Seeing your respond of which characters you considered were the protagonists of Invation I want to ask; whos idea was to make Blue Beetle a protagonists, and why? I would have liked to see more of the Light than the Reach, hopefully I'll get that in Summit...hopefully.

Greg responds...

Blue Beetle as a protagonist had a lot to do, obviously, with the Reach being the major alien antagonist. I credit Mike Carlin with that notion, but keep in mind, even if we had NOT chosen the Reach, we would have chosen SOME alien race or races to be our primary alien villains for the season, so the percentage of Reach to Light probably wouldn't have changed much. And by using the Reach, it became VERY personal for at least one of our characters, i.e. Blue Beetle. I doubt we could have gotten that from any other alien race save the Martians. And we have other, very specific plans for the Martians.


Response recorded on August 09, 2013