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blacksuitspider43 writes...

Hi Greg,
What do you think of the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series?Honestly I am not to impressed even though I tried to give it a chance. I hate how the creators say it is for kids but that isn't an excuse for a poor qaulity tv series. I loved what you did with Spectacular Spider-Man bceuase you made the characters seem real and have devlopment. I fell in love with all the characters in way I never thought I would with a cartoon. Your series also didn't shy away with having some mature themes and plotlines but without making it to intense for kids. That is why I don't like USM because there is zero countiation o episodes and the characters are boring and have no development. The series is also doesn't seem like Spider-Man because the humor is forced unlike SSM where the humor comes natural and was funny. His humor in USM is more like deadpool than Spider-Man because he always breaks the fourth wall. So I really don't get why the creators think it is all right to dumb done a tv series because kids are not stupid they are smart and can enjoy good stories and characters. So what are your thougts?

Greg responds...

I haven't seen it. On purpose. If it's great, I'd just be very jealous. If not, it would just make me crazy. So, you see, there's no upside for me in watching.

I do know that there are a LOT of great creators working on it. So I'm guessing that if I did watch it, I'd be jealous not crazy.

Response recorded on August 09, 2013