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Kevin writes...

1. What is the premise for Rain of the Ghosts?
2. How many books will be in the series?
3. Is this your first novel that is being published?
4. How different is it writing a book from writing television?
5. Which medium do you prefer your stories to be told?

Greg responds...

1. Rain Cacique is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives on a Caribbean Island that's one of the eight islands that make up the Ghost Keys (a.k.a. the Ghosts). She has the ability to see and hear dead people; she has multiple mysteries to solve and an over-arching mission to complete.

2. If all goes well, NINE.

3. Yes. (At least in part because it's the first novel I've ever finished.)

4. In some ways it's very similar. I'm still plotting things with index cards. I'm still writing bibles and timelines. I'm still trying to create fully fleshed-out characters and worlds. In other ways, it's very different, but the main difference is that animation is a VERY collaborative medium. Writing a novel is about me and the blank page. I am truly enjoying bouncing back and forth between these two states of mind.

5. Uh, see the last sentence in answer #4.

Response recorded on August 09, 2013