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Anonymous writes...

First, let apologize if this question has already been asked or answered. Secondly, there was a problem with my laptop. Hence if this question was asked twice it was not out of ignorance. I have looked through the archives of answered and unanswered questions. I have not seen this question asked. I am not presuming it has not been asked but explaining that I did not see rhat my question was asked.

My question deals with Superboy and Lex Luthor. I am not asking about any plans involving them, or the future of the show. I would simply like to know if Lex Luthor cares about Superboy. I am not going to assume that he is 100% emotionally attached to him. It is just that, when it was revealed that Superboy is half-human Luthor referred to him as his son. Luthor even points out, seemingly with pride, that they are alot alike.In "Usual Suspects" Lex claims he is proud of Superboy for deceiving him. Whether this pride is true or not is another matter I know. In "The Hunt" Lex Luthor has the father-box tied into Superboy's DNA. In "Intervention" Vandal Savage says killing Superboy may be a problem that they will deal with later.

All the points mentioned above have made me wonder if Lex considers Connor his son, or cares about him to an extent. I do not deny that I may have misunderstood, misremembered, and inadvertently distorted the facts. I also admit my interpretation may be biased. In the comics I know at certain points, Lex has considered Superboy his son. I also admit that perhaps the concept of Thailog and Goliath's relationship may be playing in my mind. I understand he may merely want Connor on his side due to his abilities. It is also logical he may only be hinting at paternal feelings to get Connor to side with him. I also understand that Lex may have programmed the father box with his DNA because Conner's was the only DNA he has access to. I also understand Vandal may have meant that killing Superboy would be hard due to his powers. On the latter point, it just seemed that in the context of the show he was not talking about his abilities. I could have sworn that Vandal Savage said something along the lines of "We'll deal with that situation after everyone has been dealt with." It seemed to me that the fact he was killed at all would pose a problem

I just thought because of the points above and the fact that they are genetically father and son Luthor might care about Superboy. Even if Luthor does I am not presuming it makes him more moral. I would not even presume his care for Superboy could be or is strong. I just felt it would give me a better understanding of Connor, Lex, and the show if I asked. Thank you for your time and have a lovely day

Greg responds...

Luthor, in his way, cares a great deal.

Response recorded on August 15, 2013