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Anonymous writes...

Hope that you don't mind these extra questions and comments:

1. My personal guesses (re your invitation) for whom you had planned
Patrick Stewart to voice: Goliath, Macbeth, King Arthur.

2. You mentioned that Edmund in "King Lear" is your favorite
Shakespeare character. Shortly after reading that, I got to thinking, and noticed
a slight similarity between him and Thailog (villainous
not-fully-acknowledged son who turns on his father). Was Edmund a partial model for Thailog?

3. Thans for answering my Macbeth question (and telling me what John
Rhys-Davies's response to the story was). By the way, who are Monique
and Tuppence?

4. You said that Elisa introduced her family to Talon and the Mutates
in "The Cage" in the Labyrinth, but I thought when I saw that episode
that the final scene (the meeting, with Goliath secretly watching) was taking
place in her apartment instead (that's how it looked to me). Which was it?

5. Somebody else brought up the Xanatos-and-Owen deal, and I thought
that I'd say here that I considered it good judgement on Xanatos's part to
choose Owen's service over a wish from Puck. After all, Owen is very
reliable and efficient, while I've pretty much got the feeling from Demona's case
in "The Mirror" that asking Puck to grant your wish can get you into a lot of
trouble :)

5. You said that "Ransom" and "Runaways" were based on episodes that
you'd planned for the 3rd season, but altered in direction. Was "Seeing
Isn't Believing" (the Goliath Chronicles episode with Taurus and Proteus in
it) similarly based on your proposed "New Olympians" spin-off?

6. One of the things that I've most liked about Goliath was his
fondness for reading (which is all the more impressive, given how the average
inhabitant of 10th century Scotland would have felt about literacy - Hakon's
attitude was the dominant one for the period). When did he learn how to read -
the 10th century or the 20th? And did somebody teach him, or did he learn
on his own?

7. Related to No. 6 - do you have any idea what book Goliath was
reading in "Avalon Part One" the one that he stayed home at the clock tower to

8. Did the various gargoyle-haters such as the Hunters believe
gargoyles to be demons (as in, supernatural evil creatures), or did they view them
more as ferocious wild animals like wolves or mountain lions?

9. What sort of "big cat" is Fang modelled on? I can identify the
other Mutates' originals (Talon - panther, Maggie - lioness, Claw - tiger),
but I'm not so sure about his.

Greg responds...

1. Right. And you're the first one to guess the correct
answer. (Only the second person to guess at all, I'm afraid, so don't
let it go to your head -- cause the contest was something of a bust.)
But Todd, consider yourself officially recognized as an insightful
Gargoyle fan.

2. You know, I hadn't thought of that. But you may be right.
I've played Edmund on stage, and I've studied and internalized the
character A LOT. The more I think about it, the more Edmundish, Thailog
grows. Man, Todd, you ARE insightful. Good work, mister.

3. Monique Beatty was a Script Coordinator on Gargoyles and
also my personal assistant. She did a lot of the research for me and the story
editors on the show. (Monique is currently the Associate Producer of
the DreamWorks' series Toonsylvania. She's gone on to have a very
successful career without me, but I can proudly say I gave her her first
job in animation.)

Tuppence Macintyre is a good friend. She's a Los Angeles Deputy
District Attorney. She also did a lot of research for us (gratis) on
the show. (For any of you who ever read my old CAPTAIN ATOM comic
books, the character of Tuppence MacRae, Plastique's defense attorney,
was based on Tuppence Macintyre.)

4. The background was screwed up. It was supposed to be the
Labyrinth, slightly cleaned up after the battle. It was cleaned up WAY
TOO MUCH, but the cage was still there, so it couldn't have been Elisa's
apartment. (And yeah, that always bugged me.)

5. To the extent that the first two you mentioned were
"inspired" by ideas that I had suggested in my notes to the new team but
wound up having absolutely NOTHING to do with what I suggested, you
could argue that MANY TGC episodes were inspired by my notes to the new
team, including the Proteus episode, the trial, the Illuminati, a Bronx
episode, a magical fantasy episode, etc. In a way, that made them even
more frustrating for me.

6. Tenth. And yes, someone taught him: Demona.

7. God, I don't remember. I used to know. Damn.

8. I think the Hunters through the centuries were remarkably
inconsistent about what exactly they believed the Gargoyles to be. Jon
Canmore/John Castaway in macrocosm.

9. I think a Cougar, Mountain Lion type.
(GDW / 4-24-98)

Response recorded on April 24, 1998