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anonymous writes...

The scenes between Artemis and Ra's Al Ghul left me a bit confused.
1)Do they know each other?
They way she looked at him getting stabbed is as if she felt bad about it (of course it might be because a man was killed in front of her but i'm still a bit unsure). She also spend a lot of time starring at him.
She also said 'And I always heard the great one was such a gentleman'. Here it seemed that she was implying on hearing things about the "great one".
2) Has she ever met him before joining the team. (Since her father worked with him)
Sorry if these questions seem foolish but I just wanted to ask since it looked like they knew each other and it felt like there was something not being told.
3) How did Ra's Al Ghul realize that the necklace was a glamour charm?

Greg responds...

1. Not personally.

2. SPOILER REQUEST, but I will say, if they have met, it would have been a LONG time ago.

3. He's been alive a LONG time. He knows stuff.

Response recorded on August 26, 2013