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Finister2 writes...

1) Is Black Manta autistic on Earth-16.
2) Who is Amistad?
3) Who assigned Conner and Megan to cover the impeachment hearings in Qurac during "Players: Chapter 1"?
4) Why did Superman request his assignment with Marie Logan in Qurac during "Players: Chapter 1"?
5) Why isn't the Peacemaker "a fan" of the Team?

Greg responds...

1. Not that I know of.

2. SPOILER REQUEST. (Though it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.)

3. No one.

4. It was an opportunity to get to know Conner as Clark.

5. He's not a fan of the LEAGUE. I'm not going to confirm or deny whether or not he knows about the Team.)

Response recorded on August 27, 2013