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Apple Montag writes...

Will we ever find out who came up with the plan to infiltrate the Light? The reason I'm asking is that Nightwing was heavily criticized for leadership this season. "Summit" ends the Team praising Kaldur for his success. That what's irks me - it's his success, not Kaldur and Dick's success.

You've mentioned a few times how Nightwing does not like to lead. Dick stepped a few times to lead the Team in Season One. His command in "Failsafe" is notable as Kaldur was incapacitated. Whether or not he likes to lead, he's a good leader.

Kaldur growing as a leader is reasonable but still - the plan is his success, not Kaldur and Dick's success.

Of course, my question will probably be answered next week. :)

Greg responds...

I'm having a little trouble following your use of pronouns above.

But basically, the idea for the plan was Kaldur's, though he and Dick worked out the details together. I think they share in whatever success (or blame) comes with its execution.

Response recorded on August 27, 2013