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Superfan writes...

Hello Greg!

I wanted to ask some captain marvel questions.

why were captain marvel, cannary and black lighting defeated so easily by Kalrion and Savage?.

I thought Captain Marvel would at least give a bigger fight given that he is resistan to to magic

How fast is Captain Marvel? Given that he has the spped of a god (mercury) is he faster than superman or as fast as any speedster or in this version the god mercury is slower than the flashes?

Greg responds...

1. Klarion and Savage are badass.

2. You didn't see the fight. You have no idea how it played out. All you know is the end result. And who said he's resistant to magic?

3. On Earth-16, he's faster than Superman (at least from a dead stop) and slower than the various Flashes.

Response recorded on August 27, 2013