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Angie I. writes...

Hi, Greg. I know you've been asked at least twice on the changes to Demona's reproduction cycles after the Puck spell, but I could use a little more clarification on the subject.

1a) I remember somebody asking how her daily transformations affected her reproductive cycle and you responded thusly...

"No. But as I said, I think the magic would compensate for a pregnancy... ON THE HUGE ASSUMPTION that she ever gets pregnant."

That's what I would like a little more info on. What if Demona had relations with another gargoyle and she happened to be in her 20-year fertility cycle and she DID become become pregnant?

1b) What would happen to the potential child inside of her created from that fertile union considering the fact that she is full gargoyle at night and full human during the day?

1c) Would it be born or hatched?

1d) Considering the father is full gargoyle, would Demona's human transformations cause it to be a hybrid? Or would it be born/hatched full gargoyle and turn to stone like any other gargoyle?

2) How do her changes affect when she is fertile? As you've explained, female gargoyles only come into season once every 20 years. But humans are fertile almost all of the time. At least, from what I know.

3) This is not likely to happen knowing Demona, but what if she had relations with a human, while she was in her human form, naturally, and she actually became pregnant? Would it be born human or what?

4) I hope this isn't too off topic, but let's say that Puck cast the same spell of daily human transformation on a male gargoyle. How would it effect him reproductively? Would it change him at all?

Thank you, Greg. I hope my questions haven't burdened you in any way.

Greg responds...

1a. What's the ACTUAL question here? What if she did become pregnant? Then she'd be pregnant.

1b. I'm not an obstetrician. What kind of details are you looking for?

1c. Ahh, well, that would depend on timing to some extent. Most likely, Demona would lay an egg, before "Dominique" had the chance to come to full term.

1d. Again, timing is a factor.

(BUT LET ME REITERATE, that all this is based on the HUGE ASSUMPTION that she ever gets pregnant.)

2. Again, what's the question? I.e. what's the question that you haven't already answered within your question.

3. Again, it would depend on timing. And on the assumption that she knows nothing about birth control.

4. Does it change HER at all? Maybe I'm dense, but I don't really understand.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001