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The anonymous person writes...

1. Why did you choose to make black canary such a large part of the show? She tends to be overlooked, so I am just wondering what made her stand out to you.
2. My other question is about the YJ Riddler. Why were his teeth so gapped? I found it very refreshing to see old Ed as someone other than a sad old man. Cutos!
3. Finally, the matter of Jason Todd. A bit of an elephant constantly in the room. I umderstand that his story is a dark, sad, tedious one, but I also feel that it is really essntial to understanding the Batfam. Why did you decide not even to acknowledge him? The world will never know about Jason Todd's sacrifice. heh. geddit?
The show is flawless, though. Just sayin.
Nightwing out.

Greg responds...

1. She's been a favorite of mine for a LONG time.

2. You'd have to ask Phil Bourassa.

3. We did acknowledge him. If we hadn't, you wouldn't have seen his hologram.

Response recorded on August 28, 2013